Golden Monkey Tracking

The best place to track golden monkeys on a Uganda tour is Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, due to the park’s setting amidst the thick bamboos forest of Mgahinga National Park well as the forest being in the shadows of the 3 Virunga volcanoes in Uganda. This kind of atmosphere provides a simply amazing backdrop to the tracking of the Golden Monkeys and therefore the best setting for golden Monkey tracking and this activity is done at the lowest price since golden monkey tracking in Rwanda is almost twice the price as in Uganda  (USD 50 in Uganda).

Trekking these golden monkeys in the beautiful bamboo vegetation of the Mgahinga national park avails visitor chance of seeing these special species feed on the bamboo leaves, shrubs, shoots of bamboo trees, flowers among other vegetation types which form the diet of the golden monkeys. An encounter with this apes makes one to known the behaviors and characters of the primates and some of the unique lifestyle involves their unique life style of living in groups composed of 30 members.

Golden monkey trekking in the forest of Mgahinga usually take tourists on a two hours trek through the hills distributed in the protected area and the journey is bit long and very tiresome for tourists. However the experience and joy one gets from encountering with the golden monkeys is very marvelous because during the time of trekking golden monkeys which takes visitors through green bamboo forest enables the trekkers to watch different bird species.

In the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, all activities including tracking golden monkeys and golden monkey tracking starts at 8 am with an orientation and then setting off in a small group with guides up into the Bamboo Forests in search of the golden Monkeys and of course the other mammals you will see along with birds and the scenic setting of the park.


Maximum number of persons who participate in the activity

Unlike golden monkey tracking where the number of people who visit the group is not limited, the maximum number of tourists to visit a golden monkey group undergoing habituation is 6 persons.

Cost of a permit for a golden monkey Habituation Experience

A permit for golden monkey habituation experience is at $100 per person and includes cost of the activity and tour guide fee but excludes the Park entrance fees into Mgahinga National Park. This cost is cheaper than permits for other experiences like the Chimpanzee Habituation experience that costs $220 per person and Gorilla Habituation Experience that costs $1500 per person. Permits can be acquired from the Park headquarters or from UWA head office in Kampala.

What to Wear When Participating In the Golden Monkey Habituation Experience

The following list includes the appropriate wear/dressing for tourists interested in participating in the golden monkey habituation experience.

Tourists should wear light but strong rainproof hiking boots with ample ankle support to enable easy movement when hiking through the forest.

Long trousers to protect your legs from scratching grasses and tree branches, thorns and dangerous insects.

Long sleeved shirts (not short sleeved shirts or sleeveless blouses) because you will be moving through the jungles that contain a lot of safari ants, thorns which may scratch your arms.

Snacks and enough drinking water (one liter) to quench your thirst and save you from the hunger you are likely to face when hiking. Hiking can take 30 minutes to 4 hours combined with 4 hours of being with the golden monkeys which makes it about 8 hours yet you are also using a lot of energy for hiking.

Carry your cameras and binoculars (for tourists who might also be interested in bird species and primate species).

Some of the guidelines for golden monkey habituation Experience include; a maximum of 6 persons only are allowed to visit a group undergoing habituation.

Tourists are allowed to spend only 4 hours with these endangered primate and tourists are advised to avoid making nose when tracking or when with the golden monkeys, because it scares them.

Besides golden monkey tracking being conducted in Mgahinga National park, tourists who wish to spend more time watching the golden monkeys undergoing habituation can only visit Mgahinga National Park and participate in the life changing golden monkey habituation Experience to understand and explore more about these endangered primates.