Mountain Hiking

Guided day hikes are available to each of the three volcanic peaks in Mgahinga. A reasonable level of fitness and an early start is required for any of the mountain hikes, and good boots, rain gear and warm clothes are recommended.

The least demanding mountain hike, the 1,100m climb from Entebeko up Mount Gahinga offers a good chance of seeing various forest birds in the bamboo zone, while duikers and bushbuck inhabit the marshy carter at the peak. Expect the round trip to take six to seven hours. The tougher 1,300m ascent from Ntebeko  to Sabinyo which takes atleast 8 hours there and back, passes through montane forest and morland, and culminate in three challenging climbs up rock faces using ladders.

The most challenging hike is to peak of Muhavura, the highest peak. This starts at the base camp a few kilometres from the entrance gate (it is advisable to camp here the night before the hike) and the round trip will take atleast nine hours.The open moorland that characterises Muhavura offers great views in all directions though unless you are lucky this will be reduced by haze by the time you reach the top. A campsite is planned in the saddle between Mgahinga and Muhavura peaks to enable climbers to summit Muhavura rather earlier. Look out for Afro-alpine endemics such as the beautiful scarlet-tufted malachite sunbird. A small crater lake at the top of Muhavura is encircled by giant lobelias.  Note that hikers may well feel altitude-related symptoms near the peak, due to the rapidity of the 1,793m ascent.