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Plan your trip to Mgahinga National Park

Looking towards taking a trip to Mgahinga National Park? Read this section for travel tips and expert advice. And when you’re done start planning your next safari in Uganda.

Take a few minutes to read through our trip planner information below, to learn more about Mgahinga National Park. In this section you’ll find maps, information about transportation, weather, entrance fees, park safety and more. A little knowledge will help make your adventure safe and memorable for all the right reasons. Once you have perused the maps and park information sections, we invite you to explore.

Gorilla Trek Planner

Are you looking to gorilla trekking in Mgahinga National Park? Here is a quick guide to how you can plan a gorilla trekking trip to Mgahinga.

1. Book your gorilla permits early enough with either a local tour operator or the Uganda Wildlife Authority in Kampala. There are several gorilla tour operators who offer fully inclusive guided safaris to the mountain gorillas in Mgahinga.

2. It is advisable to stay a night in either Kisoro so that you can easily connect to the park for your gorilla trekking experience. There are several options for overnight accommodation in Kisoro and near the national park.

3. Wake up early for your transfer to the national park headquarters. If you booked a trip with a local tour operator, you will be picked up at the lodge early in the morning by your tour guide and then transfer you to the park headquarters. Upon reaching the park, you will get a short briefing about gorilla tracking, and then after you will be transferred to the jungle to begin the activity.

4. Once you meet gorillas, you strictly allowed to stay with them for only one hour observing their behaviors. Watch them play, and also taking photos to show your people when you go back home. Please note that you should avoid flash photography when you are taking the pictures of mountain gorillas.

5. While in the forest you won’t only see gorillas but also plenty of other forest fauna and flora since this forest is a habitat for a variety of wildlife (over 350 bird and 120 mammal species). You may also have an sight of other 9 primates including baboons, chimpanzees and a variety of monkey species. With this charming exercise, you will find the worth of your dollars.

Important Things to Observe

  • You are recommended to pack tracking gears like strong shoes/books, long sleeved shirts and blouses, camera, drinking water and packed lunch, which sometimes may be provided by your lodge depending on how your tour operator negotiated with them.
  • Some levels of physical fitness is recommended as it may involve passing through muddy and thick forest and gorilla tracking may to half or full time as meeting them depends on where they spend the last night from. You will walk through narrow paths and sometimes the guide has to create way by cutting some of the shrubs in your way.

Tour Operators

There are several local tour operators who organize gorilla safaris to Mgahinga National Park. Most of the tour operators are from Uganda and organize most trips from Kampala. If you are looking to a gorilla safari from Kigali, there are a few tour operators who organize trips to this park and these include;

  • Rwanda Gorilla Safaris,
  • Gorilla Trek Rwanda
  • Rwanda Gorilla Trekking,
  • Virunga Holidays,
  • Lets Go Tours Rwanda etc.

Please note that

No one is allowed to track gorillas with out a gorilla permit which you must book for about 2-3 month prior to your arrival in Uganda as the demand for these permits is so high they may get finished before the tracking date and they are based on first come first served basis. So in case you’re interested in a gorilla safari to Mgahinga National Park you are advised to pay in advance in order to avoid the incontinence.